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We optimize your results

We work as a team to optimize your results. We monitor each ad closely and make adjustments so we can ensure the best return on your investment. All of this is part of our ad price. We don't charge extra to customize your ads because we want each ad to fit your book perfectly so that is presented in its best light.

Amazon Advertising

We build Amazon ads for you using personalized keyword lists, customized ad copy, and daily monitoring of each ad to ensure that they are remaining relevant.

Social Media Ads

We create social media (Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/YouTube) ads for you to share across your different platforms. We create custom graphics, animated posts, videos, find stock images, write ad copy, and target the audiences fitting for your books to get them into hands of new readers.

We can also create BookBub and other advertisements.


It is important for you to connect with your readers on many platforms. We make it so easy!​ We offer services such as:



We work with several newsletter formats including: Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Aweber, and more! We can redesign pages to create an easy flow and better aesthetics. We even schedule newsletter swaps with author friends to help you find new audiences!

Website Maintenance

Your website makes a huge impression on your image, we help you keep it in tip-top shape. We can help you update your current site, build a new one, plus we offer monthly maintenance plans!

Click for more details.

Social Media Maintenance

Your readers want to connect with you! Your social media foot print can seriously drive up sales. We help you manage or even create your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest platforms. We offer both coaching services and complete management.




Your customers love a good view, we can help you with your aesthetics in many ways:

Professional Photography

Want some custom images for a book cover or adverting?

No worries, we have a professional photographer on staff!

Custom Graphic/Video Creation

We will create custom social media graphics or videos for

your own use across all platforms and for advertisements.

Book Cover Design

We sell pre-made covers and offer custom book cover

design services as well. See our designs!

Website Design and Maintenance

We will build, update, and even maintain your website(s)

for you! Learn more.


We truly are a one-stop-shop for the self-published author. We have consulting services too!

Professional Editing

All done writing, and need someone to review it for you? We have an editor on staff.

Book Launch Plans
Ready to launch the final product? We offer book launch plans that include a two-week checklist catered to your to get your signed up for promo sites, plan Facebook launch parties, schedule newsletter swaps, and build ads so you are all set for the new release!

Brand Consultation

Are you worried about your image? Do you need to increase sales? We will work with you to evaluate your current advertisements, book covers, website, overall brand, etc to determine improvements that can be made.

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