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Check out this testimonial from Jerry Borrowman:

"Trish Howard showed tremendous creative talent in re-designing five book covers! These are all World War I and World War II military fiction books, so the covers need to be dramatic and bold. Here is the story of my collaboration with Trish, and why it should be of interest to you if you need help with cover design, copy editing, and uploading in both e-book and print-on-demand versions: 

  • As the author of twenty commercially published books, I recently sought a "Return of Rights" from my publisher on five titles that each achieved best-seller status in the years immediately after their release. The reason for the request is that with their perfectly reasonable focus on promoting new books, they no longer promoted these titles in their back catalogue. My request was honored -- which is just what I wanted, but that created a new problem. Since I didn't own the cover art, I needed to refresh the covers in a way that let previous buyers know this was the same book they had bought (so they didn't inadvertently order a duplicate) while capturing all the drama and intrigue of the original covers, but with fresh new images for new readers.  

  • Take a look at the covers! Since five pictures are worth at least five thousand words, why not take a moment to check out Trish's covers at www.jerryborrowman.com or at Amazon searching by my name, Jerry Borrowman. The titles Trish worked on are: "'Til the Boys Come Home"; "I'll Be Seeing You"; "As Time Goes By"; "Home Again at Last"; and "Attack the Lusitania!" I hope you like the covers as much as I do. 

  • I am SO PLEASED with the covers that Trish designed. She kept the same general color scheme for each title as a primary tie to the old covers, as well as using similar fonts and placement. But together we found all new real-world images that closely matched the original cover art, but with actual photos from the period. By skillfully blending these photos into colorful surrounds, the vintage photos seem to project right out from the cover with striking force. They create the drama and danger that are part of the stories in a way that I believe will attract new readers as effectively, or more, than the original covers. During the process Trish was always open to my ideas and corrections as she made changes to get to the perfect cover.

  • Finally, after I made some revisions to the text, she used my Word document to format the books for upload to Amazon, taking care of all the details of matching cover to content, and getting them through the Amazon approval process. All four books are live today thanks to Trish Howard.

So - while Trish is expert at advertising and promotion - her true creative side in her artistic ventures with book images and covers. I recommend her without reservation. If you have questions you can reach out to me through my website."


Jerry Borrowman

  • Two time recipient of the "George Washington Gold Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge," and the 2019 recipient of First Place Gold in War and Military from Foreword Reviews national competition for his writing of military history.























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