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Save $$$ on Stock Photos

As an author, you are often in need of stock images. AMIRITE!? Whether it be for ads, filling up your social media, character inspiration, book trailers, Reels/TikToks, BOOK COVERS. There is always something. Well it doesn't have to break the bank to get a steady supply of images. We have a deal for you!!

Have you heard of AppSumo? If not, listen up! AppSumo is a great place to get small biz tools on the cheap. It's completely legit and most of the time you can get LIFETIME access to things that are normally monthly/annual subscriptions for a FRACTION of the price. We love it. One thing we love is that Depositphotos shows up there about twice a year (at least they have recently.)

Depositphotos is a great site to get stock images from for all your various needs as an author. They have several subscription plans to choose from and often run their own deals on their website. BUT that is nothing compared to the deal they place on AppSumo. For a limited time you can get 100 stock images for only $39!

What a STEAL! 39 cents an image!?!? Best of all? These credits don't expire: once redeemed, they will be available on your Depositphotos account forever. So you can buy 500 credits today and use them over the next few years and you won't have to worry about going in and doing your monthly download. IYKYK. (If you don't, then consider yourself lucky!) Just pop in and grab an image you love when you need it. Easy peasy.

Display of hundreds of photos like on a stock photo site.

No more saving that umpteenth photo to your external hard drive because you paid for it, and "I better download something I'll use eventually." Instead you can simply save pictures to a collection when you come some you like and then you can come back to your saved photos when it's time to download something. If you still like it, great, if not you didn't waste a credit/money! WIN! Because we all know a lot of times those well-meaning saved photos never get used.

Depositphotos has lots of great photos, but they also have vectors, illustrations, and great background photos or flat lays that you can take advantage of as well. Want to do a mockup of some kind? They have lots of great content. Want to get a cool texture for the text or an outfit on your book cover? They have those too! Give them a try! Click the link above or below—or if you prefer; copy and paste the link below into your browser.

Don't waste your money on an endless subscription where you will lose all your credits if you cancel, but you can't use all the credits that you have accumulated yet. Buy an image pack through AppSumo instead. Better yet, but multiple image packs! I (Katie) just bought another 5 pack, so I'll be stocked up for a bit. It's seriously such a good deal! And for 39 cents a piece, I won't bat an eye at downloading an image I need. It's so cheap! I use them in ads, book covers, videos, and more for all my clients as well as for HMG content. We love both Depositphotos and AppSumo! I've downloaded quite a bit from AppSumo, enough that I recently upgraded to their Plus membership (totally optional!) So trust me when I say it is legit: you really can get crazy good deals like this!

Side note about AppSumo: Look for us bringing you more deals from them. We've seen ProWritingAid on their site before, so we will tell you all the deets of the best tools for authors when we find them!

Prefer to copy & paste? Check out the deal now:

*Please note:

We've partnered with AppSumo to bring you all the best deals that will help your author career bloom. Look for occasional specials from us as we build up a resource library for you. If you use our link to buy, we'll get a cut of the sale, but it costs you nothing more. Win-win situation here, you find the deals you want and we get a little reward for your purchase. *high-five*

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